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Connecting Families Across Borders

Learn more about how Flexienvíos BHD helps good people like you every single day.
Our Vision
We're honored to be your trusted partner, connecting hearts and bridging distances, one successful transfer at a time. Whether you're supporting your loved ones, securing your future, or sharing your hard-earned success, count on us to provide safe, efficient, and stress-free money transfer services.

Hear Their Voice

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Forging a New Path
Jose’s parents made real sacrifices to offer him a better life in the US. Read his story and his plan to pass this down to his own children.
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Educational Opportunities Abound
Mauro came to the US at just 8 years old. Read about the opportunities he was able to find in this country and hopes to take back to Colombia one day.
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A Young DREAMer Helps Her Family Overcome The Language Barrier
Arriving from Mexico Thais’ family struggled with the language barrier speaking English. Read how she overcame this to help her family thrive here in the US.
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Flexienvíos BHD Immigrant Support Scholarship

Flexienvíos BHD, Inc. develops financial services technology and markets them to consumers. Flexienvíos BHD helps improve the financial well being of immigrants through technology and advocacy of better, low cost approaches for financial services.