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Diversity, Energy, Vision.

A Better Way to Send Money.

Darren Manelski founded Flexienvíos BHD, part of the Omnex Group, in 2014 as a safer and easier way for people working in the U.S. to send money home to their loved ones overseas. He wanted to revolutionize a system that many people saw as difficult and expensive. Flexienvíos BHD strives to uphold our founder's vision, offering the highest standards of security with some of the lowest rates around. Today, Flexienvíos BHD serves 75 nations on 5 continents all with a respect for our hardworking customers

Our Mission

Bringing a World Without Borders to Your Reality

Flexienvíos BHD is committed to helping international communities living in the U.S. create better lives for their loved ones abroad by making it easier, safer, and more economical to send money home. Helping you help others is the Flexienvíos BHD way.

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