Three options, thousands of possibilities. Sending money should be easy.

At Flexienvíos BHD we provide you with multiple delivery options that make it more convenient for you to send and receive money.

Cash Pickup Cash Pickup

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Cash Pickup

Flexienvíos BHD has over 1,000 pickup locations around the world. If your recipient wants to pickup the money, they shouldnt have to go far!

Bank Deposit

We offer low fees and competitive exchange rates so that you always get more for your dollar. We'll even show you how our rates compare to our competitors, letting you choose the best deal every time you need to send money.

Home Delivery

Choose where you want to send your money - to someone's bank account, a cash pickup location, or delivered straight to your recipient's home! We offer different delivery options in different countries. Select a country from the list to see what delivery options are available for your money transfer.

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