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Should I Exchange Money/Currency Before I Travel to Europe?

There are a number of reasons why you may want to exchange at least some currency before you leave for Europe. Banks in your home country may often provide a better exchange rate than money exchanges you find at airports, train stations, and hotels abroad. Check the exchange rate before you travel, as FX rates constantly fluctuate. If the exchange rate is in your favor, it's wise to change some money before you leave. It’s also a smart idea to have at least a small amount of local currency when you arrive, for needs such as food and transportation, especially if you will be arriving late in the evening or early in the morning in your destination country. Most countries in Europe now use the Euro (€) but a few still do not. Check before you travel, as you may want to have some money on hand especially in the less common currencies.

ATMs and credit cards are widely available and used throughout Europe, and most cards issued in your home country will likely work in Europe. Contact your bank and/or credit card company before you travel to ensure their usage abroad, and to check for any foreign transaction fees that may apply.

Online money transfer services often offer competitive exchange rates if you find you’re in need of more cash in your destination country. Having a reputable money transfer app and account on your mobile phone will provide extra peace of mind as you travel in Europe.

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